in beats we trust (missruckus) wrote in vegancooking,
in beats we trust

detox diet help!

i'm doing a 2-week detox and i'm not to eat any soy, wheat, non-organic corn, oranges, nightshade veggies (tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant, peppers), sugar, artificial flavours/colours/additives, caffeine, deep fried foods, peanuts/pistachios/cashews, or alcohol.

i can also only eat brown rice (but other non-wheat grains are okay as well).

everything else not on the above "no-no" list is okay as well.

does anyone have any good recipes for me? also, i'll be in montreal (canada) for a few days at the end of this diet so will have a hard time eating out - if anyone has any tips on eating out on this diet, or tips about places to eat in montreal, that would be great! thanks!
Tags: -health-detox
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