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nuts = yes please, peanuts = oh no!

I hate peanuts!! I love all of the other nuts but peanuts and me we just don't get along. Maybe I just discriminate because they aren't truly a nut. Anyway... sometime ago I bought a 500g bag of peanuts because they were cheap and I tried to snack on them but I cringed everytime. So I left them in a gladware container in the cupboard to be added to dishes later. I added some to my stirfry tonight realizing afterwards that this was probably protein overload since I also had tofu in my stirfry. So my question is: What is your favorite way to get rid of peanuts. I'd prefer ideas where you don't end up tasting the peanuts too much. I don't mind peanuts in trailmix but just straight peanuts is a no go for me. And I don't mind peanut sauces in thai cooking, but I can't stand peanut butter straight up. Yea - I am weird like that. Being in Australia right now my main excitement when I first got here back in February was that hazelnut butter is cheaper than almond butter - though the jars of it are smaller. I went through a jar of it in less than a week. As a snack straight out of the jar, on toast or with celery - man it was great. It had been at least 3 years since I had some since its so expensive in the States. Er yea - but back to my main point here. What the heck should I do with my peanuts??
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