panda (pandatini) wrote in vegancooking,

Hummas Help

Help! I'm making hummas out of dried chickpeas. I soaked the peas overnight, and then the directions say you're supposed to simmer them for 2 hours. I read somewhere (I think this community) that if you put a tbsp of backing soda in the water you soak/cook the peas in it helps remove the skins, so I did that. But I just went to check on them and there's this foamy stuff on top of the peas! They've been cooking so far for about 30 min. I know they're supposed to simmer, but I acidently miss-set the temp on the stove so they were boiling just a little bit. Anyway, what's this foam stuff? I don't remember them doing this last time I tried to make hummas out of dried chickpeas. Its maybe like hair mouse consistancy. It's not foam like bubble bath foam or anything, if you poke it, it has body/volume, it doesn't just smush away into nothingness. So ... is this bad? Does this mean there is something wrong with my chickpeas, are they still safe to eat? I scooped all the foam off the top, and now I have this little bowel full of foam ... :/ Has anyone else had experiance with this?
Tags: condiments-hummus, food-safety
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