kelly (disabstraction) wrote in vegancooking,

light and fluffy frosting!

hi! okay. here's the deal. i went to philadelphia a few weeks back and went to gianna's grill, which has a huge and wonderful assortment of vegan food and desserts. i was totally blown away by their frosting. it was incrediably light and fluffy, they used it on cakes and in cannolli's. i've been literally having dreams about this frosting and i tried to re-create it tonight. much to my dismay, the recipe i was using made a really terrible frosting in general, especially in comparison to this lovely philadelphian frosting. does anyone have any recipes for something super light and super fluffy? maybe ener-g egg replacer? i did use agar in the bombed recipe tonight. any ideas? thanks!
Tags: desserts-cakes-frostings, desserts-fillings
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