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'Oreo' Pie and Pear Pie

My brother says he would like an oreo pie for his birthday, but I've never had one or attempted to make one. It's easy enough to use Newman-O's in place of oreos, but it's the rest of the pie that I'm not exactly sure how to do. Has anyone even seen a recipe for a vegan oreo pie? I think I could veganise an oreo creamy pie like this one, but then there's no guarantee it will turn out good. I could try using vegan Toffutti cream cheese, Hain vanilla pudding, and Hip Whip or something. Though, I remember Hip Whip not tasting too swell. Maybe homemade would be better...

I also figured I'd make a pear pie or a pear apple pie, which I don't think should be hard to veganize at all. I'll just look several recipes up and choose the one that sounds the best.

Anyway, if anyone has any advice or anything, that'd be appreciated.
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