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soy cream in a can?

SO I thought I remembered seeing a post about somewhere one might be able to purchase vegan whipped cream in can, but I cannot seem to find that post now (I looked in the memories and back a few pages in the community to no avail). I saw that food fight in Portland sells soy whip, but that is a tad far for me so does anyone know of any general stores that might carry it? (I seem to remeber the original poster saying they had it at a popular store that I do not normally frequent, but do not remember which one...or I just dreamed it all up in my silly little dreams...or I read about it somewhere else...) Anyone have any ideas? I am having some family over for desserts and it would be awesome to have the whipped cream like we used to have (my one family member just found out he is allergic to milk so he would be pretty psyked) Thanks!
Tags: substitutes-dairy-cream/condensed milk, substitutes-dairy-whipped cream
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