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Mushrooms and Smoked Tofu on Toast for Two

With no soy/nut/grain milk in the house (I usually make mushrooms on toast using some milk and paprika for sauce), I decided to just throw this together, and it turned out extremely well:


  • Couple tbsp olive oil

  • 6 spring onions [scallions], topped, tailed, and thinly sliced

  • 12 medium-large white mushrooms, sliced

  • Diced smoked tofu

  • 1 generous tsp Marmite dissolved in hot water

  • Salt and pepper to taste

  • 2-3 generous tsp cornflour [cornstarch], dissolved in cold water

  • 4 rounds wholemeal bread

  • Flaxseed oil

  • Method

  • Warm the olive in a skillet, throw in the spring onions and mushrooms, and let cook for several minutes, stirring now and then

  • While they cook, boil up some water (I used about 3/4 of a mugful) and dissolve in it a generous tsp Marmite, and add to the skillet

  • Add diced tofu

  • Add salt and pepper to taste, then add dissolved cornflour

  • Toast bread, and keep skillet on a high flame/heat, stirring almost constantly as it thickens

  • When toasted, place bread on 2 plates and drizzle flaxseed oil over the slices

  • Pour mixture over toast and serve

  • Dreadfully simple, but rather nice.
    Tags: easy-recipes, oils-flaxseed/linseed, quick-meals, tofu, vegetables-mushrooms, vegetables-onions
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