human_oven (human_oven) wrote in vegancooking,

Vegan whoppers/malt beverage?

So, easter is coming up, and though my family doesn't really celebrate it religiously, it's always been a tradition to have candy at my house! I can get over most of it- I'd already given up peeps for years of vegetarianism (and really, they were pretty disgusting), but one thing I'm missing right now as a vegan are whoppers. Those malted milk balls, I'm sure terrible for you. We would get them as "robin's eggs" for easter, and they were definitely delicious. I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas on recreating them sort of? I think I'd definitely settle for just the taste of a malt beverage, too. If nothing works, that's ok, I'll just make more of these truffles, but it'd be really neat if vegan whoppers did work! :)

Tags: beverages-milkshakes, desserts-candy-chocolate
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