Michele (spottie) wrote in vegancooking,

Challenge of the Unsteak

I absolutely love Now & Zen's Unsteak, That stuffs great! Now here comes the challenge part - I want to make my own.

Basically its seitan, but its a lighter, very flavorful seitan. You can actually cut it with a fork. It says its marinated in a wine, garlic & mushroom sauce, but the flavor seems to go through and through. Also the color is dark brown.

So, I was thinking: I could mix a little bit of baking powder into the gluten to lighten it and make it more tender. Perhaps if I ran some cooking wine, canned mushroom, garlic, and a little bit of kitchen bouqet throgh the foodprocessor, and used the resulting liquid as the liquid to mix with the gluten it would have a similar flavoring effect? Then simmer in a broth of um maybe some "beef boullion" and a lil more cooking wine and eh more kitchen bouquet to make sure I have a nice brown end result?

The Unsteaks ingredients are: vital wheat gluten, mushrooms, soy sauce, fresh garlic, red wine, and mirin.

Have any of you tried this? Tips? Suggestions?
Tags: seitan
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