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yves bratwurst , corn, and mac & cheezeee

This is the best mac and cheeze I've ever had, as a vegan!
I basically only had the rainbow rotini noodles, so I used those. (My mom seems to think that added to the flavor a lot)
I used about a cup or so of plain soy milk, some follow your heart chedder cheese(just a chunk or so), about a tbsp of willow run butter, salt & pepper to taste, and about a tbsp of nurtional yeast(which I HATE but it worked really well in this recipe and in a small amount!)
Milk and cheese to a boil, let the chunk melt by stirring it around a bit. Add the butter, and nut.yeast, then your salt and pepper to taste. Pour in the cooked rotini stir and enjoy.

I love YVES also;)


previously myownlifexxx via lj.
Tags: ethnic food-american, substitutes-meat-bratwurst
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