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Matzoh ball technique

After nine years without matzoh ball soup, I decided to try the Post Punk Kitchen recipe because it was the one that seems to have the most positive feedback. I usually don't use measuring tools, but I made sure to follow the directions completely. However, I didn't have matzoh meal on hand tonight and decided to throw the crackers in the blender to make meal. I followed the recipe and ended up with an ugly pot of waterlogged matzoh bits.

Here are my questions:

Could the texture of the matzoh meal make a big impact on how well the balls stick together?

How many of you have used the ener-g matzoh ball technique? I've heard it doesn't work and I've heard it does.

Does anyone have a tried-and-true matzoh ball soup recipe?

Also, I was curious if other people use the veggies left over after making broth. It looked like they could make a nice shepherds pie filling...
Tags: ethnic food-jewish
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