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BBQ Onion Pepper Pizza

Hey, I just made this pizza and it was delish.

BBQ Onion Pepper Vegan Pizza

I used Isa's orange maple BBQ sauce so it tasted quite orangy and I didn't want to add too many other crazy flavors... but otherwise pineapple might be good on it too. Or mushrooms.

1 pizza crust
1/2 c. BBQ sauce
1/4 onion, in matchsticks
1/4 bell pepper, in matchsticks

Start by heating your pizza stone at 450F for 15 min. While it heats, assemble the pizza.

Spread the BBQ sauce on the crust and add the veggies on top. Then bake at 450 F for about 15 min.

My crust came out bubbly and wonderful and my onions were nice and sweet.
Tags: condiments-barbecue sauce, ethnic food-italian-pizza, vegetables-onions, vegetables-peppers/capsicum
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