brandynickels (brandynickels) wrote in vegancooking,

making tofu with the SoyQuick soymilk maker

I'm interested in getting the SoyQuick and I found one entry about it from February:

but there was no mention of anyone using it to make tofu. Does anyone that has the SoyQuick use it to make tofu? What has your experience been? It all sounds pretty good to me on the website, but I'd like to get some opinions before I buy it. Also, I noticed that the tofu press you can buy with the soymilk maker is smaller than the wooden ones you can I don't know if I would be better off just buying a larger one seperately (the tofu kit is $20 extra, and the larger press can be found for around $30), I suppose then I would be making tofu less often...What do you all think?

EDIT: Also, if anyone knows of any other good soymilk makers with equally positive reviews, let me know!
Tags: -appliances-soymilk makers
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