julz (dist0rted) wrote in vegancooking,

yummy beef & broccoli

i only had like half an hr to make something for lunch tomorrow so i threw a head of broccoli into a large pot and steamed it like 1-2 minutes. drained that then added it back to the pot with some olive oil, morningstar streak strips, soy suace, and sesame seeds. it tasted awesome at this point but i added some garlic and a LITTLE pinch of this hot chili pepper spice i have. andddd it's perfect! tastes low fat, i have enough for lunch and dinner!
i had to use my mom's digi since mine is packed up so sorry if it's not the best quality (though it should be with a 7mp)
Tags: stir-fry, substitutes-meat-beef, vegetables-broccoli
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