tasty baked good (mmm_cake) wrote in vegancooking,
tasty baked good

homemade clif nectar bars/healthy brownies

i love the chocolate & walnut clif nectar bars

but they're so pricey!

so i set out to make my own using the five ingredients they list on the label (dates, walnuts, unsweetened chocolate, cocoa and vanilla).

Ingredients with approximate calories & fat

20 medjool dates (440/.66)
.5 cup walnut pieces (380/33)
2 1oz squares bakers chocolate (360/28)
2.5 tbsp cocoa (56/1.3)
1 tsp vanilla (12/0)

total approx calories & fat: 1248/63

10 servings = 125 calories/serving, 6.3 grams fat/serving

pit the dates

put walnuts in a food processor and pulse until they are in small pieces

add the dates and run the processor until you have tiny date pieces

melt the bakers chocolate in a double boiler or in the microwave

add melted chocolate, cocoa and vanilla to the processor and blend well (i didn't do this, but it might be best if you mix the cocoa and vanilla with the melted chocolate before adding it all to the date mixture)

the blended batter should be crumbly but stick together in a smooth ball when you roll a little between your fingers; adjust the ingredients if it seems too wet or dry

put the mixture in an 8X8 brownie pan (no need to grease) and use your hands to press it down

it should look all mushed down like this

bake at 300 for about 12 minutes (now, i am having a hard time figuring out how important baking this is and how long is appropriate. i've made it twice and the 12 minutes in the oven seems just fine, but more or less might too - any thoughts?)

cool them in pan and cut into 10 pieces. wrap them in plastic wrap and they keep in the pantry

yum! i think they turned out really well - a little more chocolatey than the clif bars, but i like them that way. phineasjones and i did a taste test and we both liked the homemade bars better :)
Tags: desserts-brownies, granola bars/energy bars
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