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Freezing Food / Planning Ahead for dorm life and busy work days

Okay, so vegan food makes me feel pure and happy.

With this in mind, next year (i.e. in September) I will finally be living in a dorm where I'll have my own kitchen, a real live kitchen with a stove and a freezer! Yay! It's been two years of caf food and sketchy hotpot and microwave recipes. Finally, freedom, at last.

Despite this, I am very keen on making food in advance this summer while I'm at home for the next four months. In addition to ridiculously copious amounts of sugary treats which will no doubt be eaten very quickly, I want to try my hand at stocking up the freezer so I can take it easy on those days when work and/or school causes me to reach for premade, reheatable meals. I know that soup is awesome for this and it's definitely a favourite. But what are some other savory things I can throw together in packages that will be as easy as dumping a bag into a pan or microwaveable dish? I'm thinking maybe stir fry veggies I can prep now, or pasta, or curries. I like my rice fresh though, that's one thing that I refuse to freeze.

Seeking your tips on setting aside extra for later...
Tags: -food storage, -freezing-foods, -shelf-life of foods
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