icypumpkin (icypumpkin) wrote in vegancooking,

banana cake filling and healing foods?

does anyone have any good banana filling recipes? a special friend's birthday is coming up, and it has been requested i make a particular cake, with a banana filling.

i did a google search..and found not very much. i want to do more than just put some sliced banana's into some frosting. i'd like it to be a cream filling-type-thing, just banana flavored.

any ideas? any make a sturdy creme like filling for cakes that i might be able to bananaize?

also, can anyone tell me what vitamins, minerals, or foods in general, would help cuts and bruises and bumps heal faster? i've heard vitamin c& e..but..beyond that. help? for some reason, i must be a very lame google searcher, as my wording has not found a lot of information.

thank you!!!
Tags: -nutrition, desserts-fillings
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