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Flax crackers

Ok, so apparently flax is the hot topic right now, and have I got a recipe for you!

I bought a bag of raw flax-seed crackers the other day, and sure enough, they're as easy (and cheap) to replicate as I thought. They're also addictive! Oh, and gluten free and ridiculously nutritious.

Raw Flax Crackers

1/2 cup flax seed (golden, brown, or a mix)
1/2 cup or more of water
seasonings to taste

Mix it all up and let it sit about 15 minutes. You should have a thick but spreadable goo. Spread it out about a quarter-inch thick on parchment paper on a dehydrator tray. Dry 12-18 hours or until crisp. Break into cracker-sized pieces and munch away, keeping plenty of water handy and remembering to chew them thoroughly to get all the nutrients.

The ones I bought were Mexican spiced with raw garlic and tomato in there. I made some with onion powder, dry dill, salt, and a little nutritional yeast. They also sold ones with just Braggs and lemon juice. Go crazy! I seriously would not have thought flax would be this yummy, and I ate most of a batch in one sitting.
Tags: -raw veganism, breads-flatbreads, raw recipes, seeds-flaxseeds/linseeds, snacks-chips/crisps
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