Lisa C. (poledradog) wrote in vegancooking,
Lisa C.

Leafy greens food rut

I'm a member of a CSA, and get a weekly delivery of *yummy* fresh veggies. There is usually some kind of root veggie (beets, turnips, rutabaga), some baby carrots, a lovely salad mix, and some kind of greens (spinach, kale, chard, arugula).

For lunch (since I work at home and can cook lunch if it doesn't take long) I often chop the greens and saute in olive oil and fresh minced garlic, season with salt and crushed red pepper, and enjoy. I usually eat this with either polenta or pasta and some toasted nuts.

Today I *really* need to use up my veggies (I've eaten out way too much this week, so I'm behind and I have a new shipment coming tomorrow). Right now I have
Swiss chard
beets (baby red, and white)

Any suggestions on something simple I can do with these? Cooked or uncooked is fine. I'm hoping for something for lunch, but even something somewhat more involved for dinner would be nice, too. I just ran across a recipe for mock tuna salad (using chickpeas) which is sounding really tempting right now, but won't really help me use up my veggies.

Thanks in advance,
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