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Cookie press shortbread, and replacing egg replacers :P

EDIT: We ended up making the orange shortbread, and it turned out great! We doubled the recipe, using half Soy Garden and half shortening. We zested a mega big orange and squeezed about a third of the juice into the dough. And once we got the cookie press to work, the dough piped through wonderfully. We did find that they only required about 10-15 minutes in the oven. And then we melted around 3 oz. 70% chocolate with maybe 1/4 c. soy creamer, which made an almost pudding-like ganache type stuff that we spooned little blobs of onto the centers of the cookies. Yum.

My friend Amy's coming over tonight, and as we're both cooking-obsessed and craving sugar, we've decided to make either cookies or brownies. Inspired by weizenwind's recipe, we want to make some kind of shortbread, but also put my new cookie press to use. Do you think that recipe, or shortbread in general, would make a soft enough dough to be piped out? Any other recipes you'd recommend?

We were kicking around the idea of brownies, and while there's a recipe in the memories I've had great success with, I want to try out another one, plus I have some chocolate soyogurt to use up. Isa's brownies involve using silken tofu. Do you think it would work to sub the tofu with yogurt, especially considering you have to cook it and all?

Happy Earth Day, btw!
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