3squares_a_day (3squares_a_day) wrote in vegancooking,

Veggie curry and pakora (loaf?)

I threw some Trader Joe's curry sauce and water in my beloved crock pot with some carrots, peas, potatoes and garbanzo beans... Yummy curry! Served it over brown basmati rice.

I love pakoras... I found an awesome mix for the batter at my local Indian grocery store. I don't love frying them, though... Oil everywhere and greasy fingers. I decided to bake them, it works for falafel from a mix so I figured it would work here! They took a long time to cook all the way in a 350 degree oven, about 40 minutes, so next time I will use a bigger pan so the batter can be spread thinner. Over all they were good, I added spinach to the mix, but the outer layers were a bit tough from the prolonged baking. The kids went back for more and so did I. :)

Tags: ethnic food-indian, ethnic food-indian-curries
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