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Soy shelf life

I have a tall carton of Silk creamer that I have easily had for six weeks if not longer. I opened it pretty much immediately after buying it. It says on the side that it will stay fresh in the fridge for 7-10 days after opening it. The expiration date is in like two more weeks.

It is a rather large amount so I have taken a while to widdle it down but I am amazed that it has stayed good for so long! It has no smell or funky texture that discourages me at all from using it. It tastes just fine. I have had some tempeh do this as well. Maybe the expiration is on there for looks?

Does this ever happen to anyone else? Also does anyone know where I might find barley malt powder? Whole foods?
Tags: -shelf-life of foods, substitutes-dairy-cream/condensed milk
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