melonblossom (melonblossom) wrote in vegancooking,

Lemon Gem Cupcake recipe from VWAV?

Hi, all,

Can someone with a copy of Vegan With a Vengeance do me a huge favor and type up the Lemon Gem cupcake recipe for me? If I remember correctly, it's on page sixty-something...?

I want to make them to bring to my boyfriend's office's picnic-y potluck shindig, but all my cookbooks are at home :o( Help a sister out!

P.S. I don't need the icing recipe that goes along with the cupcakes, as I'm planning on topping them with sliced strawberries instead of icing. Unless anyone else has a better idea(s) for yummy colorful springy toppings...

Thanks in advance!
Tags: desserts-cupcakes, foods that non-vegans would like, party foods &/or potlucks
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