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This summer I'm traveling to WV with my church for a week to repair houses and such things. While we're there, we'll be staying in a local high school, eating cafeteria food, which is mostly not vegan at all. This is the first year I'm going since becoming a vegan, and I'm a little bit overwhelmed by how I'm going to get enough to eat. It's a very physically demanding week, too, and in the past I've eaten about twice as much as I normally do.

I'm planning on bringing most of my own food, since I think about all I can count on them having is some basic fruit, peanut butter, and bread/lettuce/tomato for sandwiches. I'll probably have access to at least a microwave (at breakfast and dinner - lunch is at the worksite), but I'm not sure whether I'll be able to put much of my own food in the cafeteria refrigerators, so I'm counting on freezing a lot of what I bring and keeping it in coolers if I don't have another option.

There's plenty of stuff I can think of for breakfast, lunch, and snacks, (muffins, cereal, cooked tofu/tempeh to put on sandwiches, cold bean salads, granola, nuts, Lara Bars, &c.) but I'm sort of at a loss when it comes to dinner. I'm searching for ideas or recipes for things that will travel well, possibly frozen, that can either be eaten cold or reheated/cooked in the microwave. Nutrition is also pretty key here: I need things that are super high in protein, as well as carbs/fiber and vitamins. Something like (frozen) chili might work well, but I'm there for a week and need some nutritional variety.

any ideas? experience? recipes?
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