fuck the world (stephxjackson) wrote in vegancooking,
fuck the world

vegan pot pie

I'm in the process of making this recipe:http://www.recipelink.com/cookbooks/2005/0811841162_3.html

and I'm not making the 'biscuits' just the recipe for the actually food inside.

I was curious if I'm using two premade crusts, how do I go about putting the top crust on? I'm home alone and I would ask my mom but yeah, haha. You know because they are both for two different pies but I want to put one on the bottom, fill it, then cover it but I have NO idea how to go about doing this!!!!!
(i've only homemade crusts before so i'm in a sweet pickle)

Any help would be very appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tags: main dishes-pot pies
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