Ms. Alarming (wickedrhapsody) wrote in vegancooking,
Ms. Alarming

Black Beans and Red Lentils.

I have black beans and red lentils. I also have vegetable stock, and some vague ideas about making soup. im in the mood for soup. the only veggies i have at home right now are tomatoes. and half a cucumber, but that doesnt seem very soupy to me. there are also lots of onions and garlic lying around. thoughts?

also, the lentils and beans are dry. do i have to boil then or soak them before using them? im assuming i do, but i like to stay up late and cook while normal people sleep, so i dont mind waiting around a bit. can someone please tell me how to prepare them for cooking?

thank you in advance. :)

Tags: make my dinner!!! the cooking game show
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