moniska (moniska) wrote in vegancooking,

cake issues

so my wedding is about 3 weeks away now and alot of stuff has been pushed to the last minute it seems. im not worried about alot, but i am getting nervous about the cake. we are getting some food from soul veg in chicago and they said they might be able to do a wedding cake too. but talking to them there has been a little difficult... i live about an hour from there and driving to the restaurant to meet with them isnt a problem for us, but every time we set up an appointment the lady cant make it. i really wanted my cake from there but im getting nervous with the wedding so close. im thinking about making a smallish decorated cake myself, and just ordering some sheet cakes from soul veg. however i have never decorated cakes. does anyone have any suggestions, or know someone in the chicago area that would be interested in making a vegan wedding cake?

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