Mandy (gallstone) wrote in vegancooking,

Cookies & cookie cutters

Next thursday some friends are I are going over to someone's house to have a
star wars marathon. I don't really like star wars but I'm going anyway, and I
promised to be "super lame" and bake cookies for the occassion. I'm not really
sure what to bring.

I figure you can't go wrong with chocolate, so I want either chocolate or choc
chip (I got these super coloured dark chocolate chip things today, but I also
have some lindt 70% to use up) cookies, preferably. And I have some cute cookie
cutters I wouldn't mind using, so I need a recipe with which I can use them. I
don't really bake a lot, but I'm going to assume you can't use cookie cutters
with all recipes? How can you tell if they're okay to use? And any good recipes
to advise? I looked through the memories but the cookier cutter thing is
confusing me. :P :(
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