Webtar Bazaar (webtar) wrote in vegancooking,
Webtar Bazaar

Fun with the Betty Crocker Bake N Fill

Chocolate Bomb Cake 1 Chocolate Bomb Cake 1
This is the fun with using the Bake N Fill pan. First is the dome part. Chocolate Wacky Cake
Chocolate Bomb Cake 2 Chocolate Bomb Cake 2
The cake filled with pudding. Chocolate Wacky Cake with chocolate tofu pudding.
Bomb Cake 3 Bomb Cake 3
Cake put together very carefully! Two chocolate wacky cakes inclosing the pudding.
Chocolate Bomb Cake 4 Chocolate Bomb Cake 4
Chocolate Bomb Cake 5 Chocolate Bomb Cake 5
Finished with the pudding filling. Chocolate cake, chocolate pudding, chocolate frosting, chocolate decoration. Complete with fuse on top.
I won for "Prettiest Cake" at the IPRC Cake Bake off and Open house.
Tags: -pictures of food, desserts-cakes-chocolate
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