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date food

So, I'm feeding a new, vegan boy tomorrow for dinner. It may or may not be a date ( you can never be too sure with these things haha.) I want to make something spectacular that will WOW him. I've pretty much been bragging to him about all the awesome vegan food I make, but I have been totally un-creative in the last few weeks because of school. He's a total vegan meat and potatoes kinda dude, so I want to fulfill his tastes but make it more gourmet/fancy. So..the question is, what should I make? NOT pasta. SO booring.
Things I was thinking about:

-Ray's Seitan "Wheat Meat” (which is pretty much the best seitan I have ever eaten in my entire life. NOTE TO PHILADELPHIANS: It’s the same seitan they use at Horizon’s!! They sell it a small container of it at Essene for $3.79.) smothered in barbeque sauce or a creamy sauce, maybe like a light gravy? With lightly sauteed spinach and a fancy-ish mashed potatoe? maybe like cheesey mashed potatoes (potatoes with soy butter, soymage parmesean, veganrella cheddar and tofutti sour cream put into a blender until smooth?)

-Or Breakfast for dinner? (not gourmet or fancy, but totally delicious haha) Belgium Waffles with a keylime Strawberry sauce, tofu scramble with onion, spinach, mushrooms, veganrella cheddar and mozerrella and gimme lean sausage bits in it, toast, and hashbrowns with onions and peppers?

Desert: Chocolate cake with fresh strawberries! Anybody have a good vanilla buttercream recipe?

I also have an assload of fresh brocolli and cauliflower.

Suggestions to make this fancier? What would you make to wow a new boy or girl or whatever you people are into?
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