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'humus' stir fry

I made myself a dinner today that I enjoyed but it just needed a little something!

I'd got some chickpeas to use up, so decided to shove them in a stir-fry. I wasn't too keen on adding loads of soy sauce though, as I've been on a salt overload recently, so I decided to make a sort of humus-y stir-fry (to go with the chickpeas) so made a tahina sauce type thing.

I also used sweet potato which needed cooking (I chopped it up into really, really tiny cubes).

Anyway: First I stir fried the potato in 1dsp olive oil (to go with the humus theme), then I added a load of other veggies (brocolli, chestnut mushrooms, babycorn, carrot, pepper, celery...) and just stir fried them. (Stuff got a bit stuck at one point, so I added a little water.)

When they were pretty much done, I added the chickpeas and stirred some more. Meanwhile, I made the sauce out of 1dsp tahini, 1dsp lemon juice, 1dsp water, a tiny squidge of garlic puree and lots of black pepper. Mixed all of that together til it was smooth, then stirred it into the veggies.

It was pretty good, although I think it needed some sort of a kick, so if anyone has any suggestions they'd be much appreciated. It might have needed more sauce, but I think it needs something other than that...
Tags: stir-fry
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