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laura V.

carob strawberries, baby potatoes, seared ahi

i'm making my mom a huge, extravagent dinner on sunday and i've got a few questions.

first of all, i bought some carob chips yesterday and some gooooorgeous organic strawberries. at the time i didn't put the two together, but now i'm thinking i should do chocolate dipped strawberries. would the carob chips work the same way? and if so, does anyone have any tips?

second, i've got this recipe in my head for mock-seared ahi that i'm going to try (i really hope my instincts don't fail me). does anyone know of a good vegan recipe for the sauce that goes on seared ahi?

also, i've got baby red potatoes, i want to do something with these. nothing too high cal. i've got a lot of ideas but i just can't come to a conclusion, so maybe ya'll can help me.

and last but not least: i'm making a pasta with whole wheat spaghetti, red and yellow bell peppers, pine nuts, and "sausage". would kale and/or yellow squash go well with this? if not, what can i do with these? (not necessarily for the same meal).

thank you for all your help, ahead of time! and i'll probably be posting pictures and recipes on monday, or whenever i get time to.

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