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Salad dressing

Even though I love vegan food, I seem to dislike salads - the plain, boring type of salads. As such, I never have salads. By reasons that were beyond my control (read: I was dumb), I ended up with a bag of salad greens. Plain, boring salad greens.

I decided to test my dislike of salads and ventured into unknown territory - namely, eating a salad with *only* salad greens as I had precious little in the fridge. (Nothing like realising that you are starving and only having something you don't like staring at you from an empty fridge!) But, an empty stomach is not to be ignored so I ventured forth!

The making of a salad dressing was in order. The results of which I viewed with trepidation (remember that empty fridge I mentioned above?) but I endeavored to, at least, taste my strange brew before making the handy I'm-starving-and-there's-nothing-else popcorn with salt. The results were, I am surprised to say, quite yummy!

Sesame seed oil, dribble of
Flax seed oil, tablespoon or two of
Sesame seeds, palmful of
Flax seeds, palmful of
Garlic powder, sprinkling of
Dill, sprinkling of
Pepper, grindings of
Salt, sprinkling of

And so you have it fellow planet-lovers! I have become a tried and true fan of the plain and boring salad! May all your food-adventures bring you new food-loves as this one has brought me!
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