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Uses/fixes for over-seasoned seitan?

Hey, guys and gals,

So, v_gan's delicious-looking Sweet and Sour Seitan in veganfoodpics got me thinking about some seitan (okay, a LOT of seitan) that I made over spring break, didn't use up, and left in the freezer at home. It was one of my first attempts at making seitan and I WAY overseasoned it - and now I'm afraid that it'll be even stronger when I go home and use it, 'cause I packed it into containers with its broth. Any ideas on ways to use overly flavored seitan up? We used OJ, white wine, and a bunch of herbs in the broth, among other things, and it's way too strong. My only ideas are:

-Make another non-seasoned batch, grind both batches up, and mix them to cut down the flavor, then use in a shepherd's pie or something
-Boil the overseasoned seitan in plain water for a while - would this get some of the taste out?

Any other ideas, either for recipes or to fix the plain seitan itself? Thanks!
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