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tofu-ahi dinner

the mother's day recipes and pictures i promised you all.

forgive my recipes and all the "about"s. i'm the type that never measures anything and never writes anything down. and since it's been a few days, i may have forgotten some of the ingredients i added.

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ok first of we've got a run of the mill salad. nothing special about the salad, it's just lettuce, spinach, bell peppers, cucumber, carrots, some nice vinaigrette dressing, a few squirts of bragg's liquid aminos, and nutritional yeast. if i'm going to eat a meal of cooked foods i always start it off with raw vegetables or fruits. you might be able to tell that i am a huge bragg fan. i use their products in everything. and right now i'm reading "the miracle of fasting". i definitely recommend it!

ok, so then i've got my balsamic sauteed asparagus:
a bunch of asparagus
1 clove of garlic
about 1 cup of balsamic vinegar
about a tablespoon agave nectar
a very tiny bit of soymilk
some bragg's liquid aminos to taste to make it a bit saltier
about a tablespoon bragg's all natural herb & spice seasoning

mix all ingredients except for asparagus and garlic. place asparagus in the container with the sauce. heat some oil up and sautee the garlic for a bit. then toss in the asparagus with the sauce. sautee until the asparagus starts to lose it's pretty green color and turns to more of a light green. this will take 5-10 minutes. once done, remove asparagus from excess sauce and serve.

then there's my rosemary potatoes:
25 baby red potatoes.
half an onion
2 cloves garlic
plenty of rosemary
bragg's liquid aminos
olive oil

cover the bottom of a casserole dish with olive oil. place chopped onions and garlic along the bottom. then quarter the potatoes and put them in the dish as well. bake at 350 degrees for about a half hour. making sure the onions and garlic don't burn too much. then take a pan and sautee them with the onions and garlic for about 5 minutes. add the braggs, rosemary, and thyme to them. cook until the potatoes are rather soft.

then i made my red wine spearmint pasta primavera... with sausage:
1/2 package whole wheat spaghetti or pasta of choice
1/2 an onion
2 cloves garlic
1-2 tofurkey italian sausages
1 red bell pepper
1 yellow bell pepper
2 carrots
4 leafs (is that what you'd call them?) of kale
1 yellow summer squash
about a tablespoon dried spearmint
about a cup cooking sherry or red wine
plenty of pine nuts
bragg's liquid aminos

first i prepared the pasta as the package directed. by this point in my cooking, i didn't have any big pans left, so i used my wok! and it worked really well. i oiled the wok and sauted the onion and garlic for a bit. then i started to cook the peppers, carrots, and squash. after they started to get soft i put in the kale and sausage. after about 5 minutes of cooking, i crumbled the spearmint over the veggies and mix around. then pour the wine over it and cover. let this simmer until the wine has evaporated. then squirt some liquid aminos and sprinkle pine nuts over the top. toss with pasta. with mine, i added lots of sambal oelek (you know, the asian chili sauce they have at restaurants?) and lots of nutritional yeast. it made it taste much creamier and better. but everyone else said it tasted great on its own.

then there was everyone's favorite! my tofu mock-seared ahi:
1 block of tofu
1 clove garlic, minced
about a tablespoon minced ginger
about 1/4 cup of hoisin sauce
about 1/2 cup bragg's liquid aminos
bragg's "feast of the sea" kelp seasoning
about a tablespoon of white wine vinegar
and a dash of nutmeg if you've got it

you know the routine with the freezing the tofu, thawing, pressing... so once that is finished, cut tofu into three consecutive blocks, or maybe even two. marinade the tofu for a few hours or overnight. then i placed it in the same casserole dish i used for the potatoes and baked at 350 for about 15 minutes. get a pan really hot and put oil in it. i used a combination of sesame and olive oil. sear each side of the tofu for about 30 seconds. cut into 1/4 inch slices and serve with "honey" dijon sauce which is just bragg's liquid aminos or soy sauce, dijon mustard, and agave nectar to taste. that's what i put in the little sushi dishes. everyone loved it! my grandparents were really impressed. they said that they didn't realize tofu could taste so good. i'm definitely making this again.

i didn't take a picture of it... but after dinner we had carob-dipped strawberries. everyone on here tried to discourage me from making them but after i tasted one of the carob chips, it really reminded me of dark chocolate. so i went against everyone's wishes and made it. i put about a cup of the chips in a pot with a teaspoon of earth balance, and a splash of soymilk. melted it and then quickly took it off the burner. dipped my strawberries in it and froze them until after dinner. no one knew it wasn't chocolate. my little brother ate 6 of them! definitely delicious.

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my culinary lab rats!
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