pseudomatic (pseudomatic) wrote in vegancooking,

something fancy with silken tofu

my parents and relatives who are visiting from very far away are staying with me this weekend, and i want to make them something so deliciously vegan and fancy that it will blow their gastronomical minds. i was thinking probably a chocolate-banana silk pie would do because it's so tastey, but it looks nothing as fancy as something like a layered cake. but i already have all the ingredients for the pie so i'd like to find a recipe that calls for chocolate-banana mousse.

is there a way to encorporate chocolate-banana mousse into a layered cake? trifle? other awesomely gourmet-looking desserts?

the key is a celebratory and not single-serving thing, so that you have to cut/serve it.

what would you make?
Tags: desserts(uncategorized), tofu-silken
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