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Divine Berry Lime Smoothie!

I have been really interested in creating smoothies lately and I had a bunch of fruit. So, I figured, why not? I make smoothies all the time and normally I wouldn't bother posting them, but this one (to me) tastes as good as if not better than Jamba Juice (to toot my own horn a bit). Here's the recipe. I'm sorry it's not exact, but I really made it up on the spot.

Divine Berry Lime Smoothie
8 Strawberries, tops removed
Handful of rasberries
1 Cup or so of limeade
1 Container of vanilla soy yogurt
About 12 or more ice cubes

Blend all in blender until smooth. Makes two servings (even though I'm going to drink both myself tonight!)

I hope some other people can enjoy this. :)
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