jack radish (jackrad) wrote in vegancooking,
jack radish

tofu salad sandwiches

I just made some really amazing tofu salad that i thought i would share. here's what i put in it:

*baked tofu, cubed (i used the "tofu lin" stuff that i think is by soy boy because it was leftover in the fridge)
*red pepper, cut up pretty small
*carrot, also cut up small
*a little bit of onion
*cayane pepper
*a little bit of hummus
*chopped fresh rosemary (dill would have been good too)
*lemmon juice
*a dash of salt

i just mixed it all up in a bowl and ate it open faced on two slices of toasted ezekiel bread (which just happened to be the kind of bread we had)

it was kind of amazing though
Tags: sandwiches-not for packed lunches
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