Blake Fraina (blake_fraina) wrote in vegancooking,
Blake Fraina

Traditional Tofu

All you guys are probably old hands at this stuff and I'm embarrassingly behind the curve, but I just have to share this with someone. For years, I've been cooking with the tofu from my local supermarket. I'm sure you guys know the big brands - Nasoya, Mori-Nu, etc. I sometimes get the tetra-paks and other times the cello covered packages. Let me tell ya, tofu has never been one of my favourite foods. I've always found it edible but, no matter how I prepare it, not delicious.

Well, I recently bought a package of Bridge brand Tofu (a local manufacturer from Middletown CT) who claim to make tofu in kettles, the traditional way. What a revelation! It is so friggin' yummy. was half the cost of the supermarket tofus. Has anyone had experience of this type of tofu? God, if not, seek it out. It's soooooo much more flavorful (kinda eggy) and has a wonderful firm consistency.

Here's a link:

They also make seitan. Must try.
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