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Portabella Steak Burger Recipe (Along with a Vegan BBQ Plan)

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I posted this back in september of 05 and I figure it has even more relevance now that it's beginning to get warm again (especially if you live in the northeast). This is basically a really cheap, comfort food cook-out plan for vegans. I live with a primarily meat eating brother who likes to grill a lot, so i have to come up with my alternatives to join him. I'd stay away from the soy meats only because they are so expensive (I love the Gardenburder ribs, but I just can't afford them...good vegan burgers are even pushing it if you really want to pig out) and I think some vegans have waaaay too much soy in their diet (there are a lot of other beans!). So here's low soy, high protein, really filling, tasty summer BBQ meal. 

Here is what you want the meal to be:
Salad ( i like a good spinach, tomato, onion, cuke, raisin, unsalted peanut combo with oil and vinegar)
Portabella Steak Burgers
Baked Beans
Mac and Trees - check the memories here for the recipe
Apples for desert (or whatever the hell you want for desert, it's really up to you, this is just how i would do it) 

Other options:
Corn on the cobb
Tomato Salad (chop up tomatoes and onions and drench them in olive oil, salt, a little balsamic vinegar and lots of basil and oregano)

Use some or all of these courses, but the Steaks are the most important 

Costs (approximate to what i pay in Buffalo)
The 5 steaks cost me 3.50 ( you could probably get them cheaper too if they are prepared - i buy the portabella caps and cut out that weird black stuff on the underside which add a lot of weight if you buy per pound). The buns cost me about 1.80 for 8, the BBQ sauce costs 3 dollars (but i'm picky with sauces) and most of the other stuff should be flying around your pantry anyway (the red peppers are the only really expensive thing, but I used 1/4th of a pepper for 5 steaks). In the end, per burger it probably costs 1.00-1.50, and it's REALLY REALLY good (and really filling, i'm a big guy and i couldn't eat more than two). A liberal estimate per serving of the baked beans would be 20 cents, and an apple is like 25 cents. Mac and Trees ingredients are really cheap (aside from the yeast, but you don't use too much). Salads never cost very much. I'd say for this pretty huge meal, it probably costs about 3-4 dollars per person.

BUT if you just wanted to make the Portabella Steaks at home, here are the following ingredients for the marinade and the instructions for the cooking



Half a bottle of Snuffy's HOT BBQ Sauce. this is probably available to any vegans who shop at a wegmans, especially in WNY...substitute a favorite BBQ sauce of your choice, though I would go with one that is on the sweeter, lighter side, rather than the really heavy spiced up ketchup kinds (like bulls-eye or KC Masterpiece).  

2 pours of soy sauce (not too much)
brown mustard
garlic powder or fresh garlic
cayenne peper
cooking oil of choice...vegetable oil would probably be best
some kind of sugary substance (brown sugar, molasses, maple syrup, corn syrup)
bread crumbs, wheat germ, 1/4-1/2 cup of flour or corn meal (any of these will do the trick for a fried coating for the burger)


two scoops of hoisin sauce
balsamic vinegar
sesame seeds
tobasco or other kind of hot sauce (depends on how hot you like it)

Let marinated steaks sit in refrigerator for 24 hours

If you gril them, you should carmelize some onions and red peppers in willow run to serve with the burgers.

If you fry them, use 2 tablespoons of willow run, chop up some onions and red peppers (this is optional but really delicious) and put them in when the pan is really hot. Let them fry up to almost carmelizing, then add steaks and fry for about 10 minutes at high heat. Once you start to see the BBQ sauce burning onto the steaks a little, then remove them and serve on wheat bun.

Just use your good judgement with the ingredients, keeping in mind that the most important (and most abundant) ingredients in the marinade should be the BBQ sauce, oil, and whatever sugar substance you are using. Make sure those aren't the only ingredients tho......cuz then it would be super boring.


One Final Note: This is a protein-heavy meal (beans, wheat buns, peanuts.... i eat a lot of proteins) so if it seems a little more on the expensive side, just keep in mind that it's incredibly nutritous.

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