chocolateghoul (chocolateghoul) wrote in vegancooking,

Carrot cake suitable for food allergies?

I'm making a cake for a friend who is visiting, and I'm stuck on finding a recipe. She's allergic/sensitive to a whole lot of stuff, and can't handle - very many nuts, white flour, oily foods, lots of strong spices, and a few fruits and vegetables. She did say that she can eat carrots. When I asked her about flours, she said that she can eat 'dark bread'  which I assume means whole wheat type breads - this also makes me a little uncertain as to whether I should use plain sugar too. She can eat soy cream cheese with no problem.
Does anyone have any recipes or ideas for a carrot cake and icing I could make? Removing and cutting down on the ingredients she can't eat well just kinda leaves me with carrot bread covered in icing.
Tags: -adapting recipes, -allergies, desserts-cakes-carrot cake
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