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Awesome Vegan Party Food Request

In five days, I turn the ripe old age of 23. In 14 days, I am moving 500 miles away from the place I've lived all my life. Of course, these momentous occasions call for a celebration of the highest order. Said party will be held this Saturday, June 3. Which brings me to you lovely people. First of all, if you live anywhere near Delaware, you're invited. Hah. Second -- what the heck should I serve for food?

None of my friends (save one) are vegan or veg, but I've decided that for one night I am going to passive aggressively force them to comply with my politics. Hah. It's my party, I'll only serve vegan food if I want to! I even have vegan marshmallows for Smores. I don't need to serve dinner because the party begins at 8pm, but I'd like to have the following:

--A crockpot or more "main dish" type of thing. My mom suggested pork bbq, so something along those lines only, y'know, not pork. I don't really want to do chili, but I can't think of anything else that would work here. Can you think of something people could slap on a roll or with some rice & cart around with them in a party atmosphere?
--Lots of fresh, raw veggies & hummus. Also a dip of some sort -- what are your favorites?
--Fresh fruit salad or fruit tray.

Beyond that, I'm kind of stumped. I will, of course, check out the memories, but I'm also curious about your favorite, failsafe party dishes. The things that are so tasty non-vegans don't even notice. Ideally, these would be things that aren't too labor-intensive, though something more complex would be ok as long as I could prepare it in advance. Shopping is not a problem, so whatever ingredients you come up with I can probably find by Saturday.

Thanks in advance for your help.
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