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I found a book of gelato and sorbet recipes in the basement. The basic one is, "heavy cream, egg yolks, sugar". The yolks are to improve the texture and richness, and I want something kinda neutral/vanilla and versatile, so no Ener-G/applesauce/banana this time. I also want to avoid it tasting too much like soy, and want it to be different from the standard homemade ice cream recipes that call for tofu. (My milk sub is Almond Breeze which, to me, tastes much cleaner than most soymilks.)

So anyway, what's good for replacing the textural enhancement and richness/flavor that egg yolks would give? I'm thinking a little marge or oil, plus something thicker than almond milk--raw cashew cream? Or would it be better to try making a bit of simple stovetop custard with almond milk, cornstarch, and margarine? Just kicking around ideas here, I know it all comes down to actually experimenting and tweaking recipes, but what are your throught?
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