wefoughtharder (wefoughtharder) wrote in vegancooking,

Help figuring out temps + times - bbq "pork" + roasted potato skewers

I'm going to make some oven roasted garlic potatos along with some bbq or seasoned 'pork' with bbq dipping sauce for a potluck i'm going to. My plan of action is to cook the roasted potatos according to the instructions I have, cook the "pork" pieces (i'm winging it on how I'll do that), assemble the skewers and then baste with BBQ sauce and bake a little longer. I usually just make stuff up as I go along while cooking and it turns out fine, but since I'm doing this for a potluck and I'm the only vegan, I don't want to screw up and make a bad impression (OMG, VEGAN FOOD IS TEH GROSS!).

So, any tips on good procedures for making bbq "pork" n roasted garlic potato skewers? Marinades, methods, any advice you have would be appreciated. Thank you!
Tags: barbecue grill foods, condiments-barbecue sauce
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