we too are stardust (im_sassy) wrote in vegancooking,
we too are stardust

good comfort food for sickos? cabbage

my great grandpa just got out of the hospital today. he is going home and is still in need of care, which has fallen on my great grandma. he is stubborn and bossy sometimes, which is hard on her. in order to help her out, i'd like to bring them a few meals, or one thing that will last a few meals so she's got at least one thing that she doesn't have to worry about.

they are not vegan, but they will love anything i send them, as long as it doesn't stray too far from something someone with a standard american diet would eat (no tempeh or anything like that).

i also have tons of cabbage- about three heads, i think. it's taking over my fridge! CSA will do that to you.

so, to sum it up: what would you recommend as food that sick, old, non-vegan people would like, and food that will be good as leftovers for a couple of days, hopefully including cabbage?

thank you!
Tags: comfort food
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