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earth balance now available in 3 lb tubs

back in mid march, i contacted the earth balance people to see if they offer earth balance in large tubs like other butter companies do (they even offer smart balance in the large tubs) and the lady responded that they didn't. then a few weeks ago i was in wholefoods and i saw a section for a 3 lb earth balance container (of course they'd all been snatched up at that point, but still) and it was the price of 2 1 lb containers. that's like getting 1 lb for free! DUDE!!!!

so essentially, those of you who love this new option?

yeah. you're welcome. :-)
*shines halo*

> hi. i was wondering where i could buy large tubs of earth
> balance. i use it so much (i bake all the time) and i feel terrible about
> the waste i am creating, because where i live, #5 plastic isn't
> recyclable. i figured if i buy large tubs, i'd be creating much less
> waste than i currently am. (sometimes i go through 1 tub a week) and i am
> also planning on possibly baking professionally.
> we do have family up in new york, would it be possible to pick some tubs
> up directly from your factory in addition to any possible mail-order
> options?
> thank you so much for your help.
> p.s. you should totally offer larger tubs for sale in regular stores. i
> guarantee that they'd fly off the shelves. (i've seen plenty large tubs
> from other companies at the grocery store) and buying in bulk definitely
> appeals to the more "granola" culture. (which are the very people your
> margarine is marketed toward)
> again, thank you for your assistance. :-)

her response:

At this time, Earth Balance is available only in the 1# tub. If you do go
into professional baking, it is available in 50# cubes and we would be able
to put you in touch with a distributor who may be able to supply you with
the number of cubes necessary.

This product is manufactured in California so we do not have product at this
location. I regret the problem you have been having recycling the tubs.
Acceptability for recycling varies from area to area. Here in northeastern
New Jersey, there are no restrictions on what is acceptable.
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