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Vegetable Casserole

Well there was nothing quick or particularly appetising for a quik-fix. Thats usually what happens when you drink during the day and get hungry at night. You eat everything for th next day hehe. Anyways I had alot of veg to be used up and as always I had lots of onions on hand since my mum buys me them in bulk cuz im onion-gal!

Please bear with me with amounts because I was jus cutting up any veg I could find and chucking it in so their rough estimates. And you might also want to tone down the onion hehe!!

1 large onion
3 scallions/spring onions
2 shallot onions
handful of mangetout sliced in half
half cauliflower chopped into small chunks
half courgette/zuchini
4-5 mushrooms (each one sliced into 3-4 slices)
1 carrot shredded
handful green/fine beans
handful sugarsnap peas
3-4 baby corns chopped into chunks

fresh parsley
fresh chives
dried mixed herbs
cracked black pepper

Slice everything accordingly, thinner if you want the cooking time reduced. Now you can basically make this whatever flavour you want so I stuck in some BBQ seasoning with paprika for a kick since im tired of tomato/curry flavoured dishes. I also overkilled on the pepper hehe.

Add ingredients to casserole dish (I layered all of mine according to what I thought needed to be at the bottom in the stock) Add veg stock or mushroom/onion broth, I used 2 cubes of organic vegetable stock, Boiling water and pop in the oven. Mine was at 200*C.

Add salt as well to season if you like, I just avoid adding salt to my food, I smoke already I dont need higher blood pressure :p

It took around an hour maybe just under but it was tasty! :D





Serve with warm or fresh crusty bread! Mine was neither warm nor fresh but it did the trick to soak up the tasty flavourful stock!
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