we too are stardust (im_sassy) wrote in vegancooking,
we too are stardust

Cookbook swap

Hello! Every once in a while cookbook recommendations pop up in here and it seems there are always cookbooks that some people love and others have had the worst luck with them. i figure we all have a couple of these types of books laying around our homes, collecting dust.

what if we were to swap these, so i could get one that i've never tried and someone else can try the one i've had no luck with? granted the other person may not like it either, but then they could always send it on its way to another loving home.

the ones i don't use are:

sinfully vegan
please feed me
the everyday vegan
vegan microwave cookbook (i try to avoid the microwave; i bought this for an exboyfriend but it has ended up back at my house somehow and i'll never use it).

anyone want to trade me for any of these? i'll pay for shipping to you if you'll do the same with your book.
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