isaan (isaan) wrote in vegancooking,

General Cooking Question

I would like to make icecream but I don't have an icecream maker. Do I have any options other buying icecream or making another ho hum sorbet?

Sidenote: I ran into Walmart to buy a pack off Morning Star chicken strips and I ended up finding GardenBurger Riblets and Vanilla, Chocolate So Delicious?! Now I don't want to start supporting Walmart (used strictly for food emergencies) for a plethora reasons in which I won't get into but the riblets were on sale and had a $1 coupon on the box in addition to the sale price but get this, the regular price for the riblets and icecream were significantly less than a Wild Oats. I walked out with just my chicken strips but now I am thinking about going back (OH NO!).

Ok back to my original dilemma...making ice cream!
Tags: desserts-ice-cream
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