mark of the judas (misfit) wrote in vegancooking,
mark of the judas

Carob- melting problems

I attempted to make carob-coconut rum balls for this week's vegan_cookoff contest, but let's just say that it was a disaster. A tasty disaster, but a disaster nonetheless. One of the issues was that the carob chips would not melt, and when they did, they became a giant blob as opposed to flowing thick liquid (like when you melt chocolate chips).

Is this a general characteristic of carob, or was my melting technique off? I did cheat and use the microwave (oh noooooo!), but I tried both lower and higher power to melt the chips to no avail.

(As a side note, the filling was akin to cream cheese-rum-coconut icing and would be great as actual cake icing instead of a candy filling!).
Tags: -failed-recipes&disasters, desserts-carob
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